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Project CSM is proud to offer you courses that will further your career.

Accredited Courses

CSM Academy offers courses that are QTCO (The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations) accredited. We offer NQF recognized courses.

Career Skills

Our courses are considered career builders or boosters. We offer marketable skills which address a current skill gap in the country.

Learning Support

Our classes are presented on a face-to-face basis and also online. We offer all the learners need in order to become competent in their chosen field.

What we do

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Academy CSM, Your Career Gateway

CSM Academy is a subsidiary of Project CSM which is a professional project management  consulting and training provider. We boast experience across different business sectors. We have taken our experience in providing training for businesses and applying it to a class room scenario.

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Project CMS in partnership with QTCO and various stakeholders are proud to offer you accredited courses to help you build and advance your career. We are here to move you forward and turn you into a success story. 

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    Project CSM is a fully accredited learning academy that gives you training and courses that give you the edge that you need to advance your career. 

    We have structured learning programmes for individual learners and we also offer tailor-made packages for businesses looking to up-skill employees to better perform their duties.

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