Compliance Officer

This qualification aims to prepare a learner to provide compliance services to assist management to discharge their responsibilities to comply with applicable regulatory requirements.

Course Rating


Total Credits: 237

Career Focus


  Internal external compliance auditor in Banking


  Pension Management


Course structure

Knowledge modules

  • Compliance Offier
  • Compliance Principals
  • Compliance Practice
  • Change Management: Complience Officer
  • Project Management

Practical modules

  • Design and implement compliance risk management framework.
  • Define, maintain and advise on Regulatory Universe.
  • Conduct compliance monitoring
  • Compile and submit internal and external compliance reports. 
  • Interact with Industry Regulators, Supervisors and stakeholders.

Workplace modules

  • Compliance Risk Management Design and Implementation processes. 
  • Regulatory universe definition and Maintenance Processes.
  • Compliance Risk Management Plan Development Processes. 
  • Compliance Monitoring processes.
  • Compliance reporting processes.
  • Industry regulatory, supervisor and stakeholder interactions.
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